Adult Tennis Lessons

Registration for this is paused until we receive approval from the School District to use the tennis courts.


These beginner tennis lessons are designed to introduce adults to the fundamentals of tennis in a fun and energetic format. Meet other tennis players for a summer of tennis play! Lessons are held twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, for 1.25 hours, total of 8 lessons. Participants provide their own tennis racquet, though some loaners are available. Dress appropriate for the weather, and bring sun protection and a water bottle.

Instructor: Alex Foode, or Caryn Ploof

Location: South Whidbey High School Tennis Courts

Min 4/Max 10

Alex | Tue/Thu | Aug 11-Sep 3 | 5:30-6:45pm | $60

Rain-outs: Tennis may be cancelled due to rain. Call the office 360-221-5484 one hour before class if unsure. September 8 is rainout make-up day.

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