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Art Camp: Printmaking (Live Virtual Program)

For ages 8-12 years

A creative, playful and nurturing online summer art camp where children will explore the wonders of the natural world and the expression of the colors and forms found in nature using diverse printmaking techniques. Kids will learn about artistic process, how to create prints using relief inks and unusual printing plates, the magic of color mixing and layering to express their own imaginations and voices about the natural environment.

Come prepared to experiment and have fun.

This camp will be organized as ZOOM online conferences which are super easy to join. Links will be sent to parents the day before the workshop and parents are welcome to join in the creative fun as well. Kids will be able to continue working on their artworks after the online workshops are concluded if they feel inspired.

Parents will collect GRAB AND GO Art Kits (which will include many fun art materials for the children to use in these classes) by appointment after registering for the workshop.


Melissa Koch is a full-time practicing artist and arts educator, bringing a lifetime of experience, appreciation, and world travel to her classes. Melissa has had many years of experience teaching art to youth of all ages, providing fun, interesting and diverse art projects to learn from. Email:

Alice Springs is an artist and designer whose jewelry and art creations are inspired by her world travels and studies exploring new ways of using traditional crafts. She has worked alongside her artist mother Melissa since she was 4 years old and co-taught art to children with her over a number of years. Email:

WHAT YOU WILL NEED Requirements for workshops:

  • Solid internet access (WIFI or lots of data). See Zoom system requirements.
  • Ability to link to ZOOM via computer/phone/tablet and engage with video and audio. Links to be provided.
  • Ability to pick up Grab & Go Art Kit from a South Whidbey location, to be arranged.
  • In addition to the included “Grab & Go Art Kit” you’ll need to provide for your child: Tape, scissors, paper towel or rag, glue or hot glue gun, a ruler or something with a straight edge, a pencil, string and a small container with water for painting. Please indicate if you have any art paint brushes, watercolor paints or colored felt pens at home already. All other art materials will be provided in the Grab-And-Go art kits.
  • Flat work surface, at least 17″ X 24″ preferably where messes can be made. Best covered with the 17″ X 24″ brown paper provided in the art kits, to protect the surface.
  • Clothing that can get messy.
  • Water & snack on hand
  • Behavior: If participant is unable or unwilling to engage in the workshop in a productive way (being disruptive, being unsafe or not following direction), they may be temporarily “muted” or permanently dropped from the course with no refund.

Min 4/Max 12


Mon/Wed/Thu | July 6, 8, 9 | 10-11:30am | $65*

*Additional $35 materials fee paid directly to instructor provides a “Grab & Go Art Kit” which parents will collect by scheduling a pick-up at a South Whidbey Island location (for those living on Whidbey Island), to be arranged after registering.
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Virtual Open Mic Night

Saturday, May 23, 7:00pm-9:00pm

Using Zoom and live Streaming on the South Whidbey Parks and Recreation District YouTube Page, Executive Director, Doug Coutts, will host a Live “Virtual Open Mic Night” Saturday, May 23 from 7pm to 9:00pm.

There is no charge for performing in or watching this broadcast. We would encourage virtual guests to patronize one of the restaurants/establishments in your area that supports live music to pick up dinner and make it an event night.

Viewers: Those wishing to watch should go to the Park District YouTube Channel and check in to the live stream.

Performers: Those wishing to perform should first email Doug at to be added to the list of performers. Performers will need internet access with enough bandwidth to live stream from their location and the ability to call into the Zoom call. This performance should be treated as a family performance by all performers, assume that there are children watching. Instructions on connecting in and other information will be sent to all performers that are confirmed. Performer Instructions

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