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Reading with Rover: Therapy Dogs

Is My Dog a Therapy Dog?

Handlers 12+ (youth must be accompanied by a parent/guardian); Dogs 4+ months (must provide evidence of vaccinations)

Reading with Rover is a therapy dog program which started out as a community-based literacy program volunteering in the schools and libraries of the Puget Sound area. They now offer the comfort of therapy dogs at local hospitals, assisting living homes, rehabilitation facilities and are very popular college stress relievers!  Visit for more info.

Instructors: LouAnn Hepp had a 25 year+ career in the public schools as a teacher, behavior specialist, and trainer. She left her school career to follow her entrepreneur calling, starting a business to help village women and children in SE Asia. She currently co-owns a business focusing on malaria and other tropical diseases. Missing the milieu of public education, she and her therapy dog, Ruby, have been volunteering in schools since 2015.

For the past 15 years, instructor Diana Trupiano has been an active member of Reading with Rover children’s literacy charity, where she currently holds the positions of volunteer, event coordinator, team evaluator, team protocol mentor, therapy team evaluator and therapy prep instructor.

Therapy Team Mini Evaluations
This evaluation will determine you and your dog’s readiness to enter the Animal Therapy Team Prep Class (below).

Bring to class: Dogs must be on a 6-foot leash. No retractable or “flexi” leashes allowed. No aggressive dogs allowed. Bring a cloth face covering and hand sanitizer.

Location: M-Bar-C Ranch, 5264 Shore Meadow Road, Freeland

Schedule:  Sat | May 22 | 10am – 4pm*  Contact LouAnn if you are not available to make this date, other arrangements can be made. LouAnn Hepp

*Participants will register for a 20-minute time slot and should arrive 5 minutes prior to their start time.


Animal Therapy Team Prep 
Reading with Rover

This class will help prepare you and your dog to successfully take the Reading with Rover therapy test (additional fee). Once you have passed the test, you will become a registered therapy team. Our teams volunteer in schools, nursing homes, hospitals and hospice (hospital and hospice visits require additional training).

Dogs must have basic obedience skills. In the class we will practice each test exercise using role play. Teams will receive coaching, as needed, to help pass the test, and to use in future visit situations. No aggressive dogs are allowed in class.

Prerequisite: Must successfully complete a “Mini Evaluation” above.

Bring to class: Blanket, treat pouch, treats. Bring a cloth face covering and hand sanitizer.

Location: M-Bar-C Ranch, 5264 Shore Meadow Road, Freeland

Schedule:  Thu | Jun 10 – 24 | 6pm-9pm

Fee:  $150 per dog**

** Additional $15-$45 for materials.

Students may join sign up for a 45-minute final evaluation July 10, sometime between 10-4pm.  Contact LouAnn at to sign up. Location TBD.




Reading with Rover Library Reads!

Dogs Helping Kids Learn to Read


Reading to a dog helps children in many ways. Dogs help to create a safe, non-judgmental, experience, which studies show reduces anxiety, anger, and depression. At the same time, increased self-confidence and self-esteem create a sense of pride and motivation to read independently.  Kids LOVE reading to our dogs! This is a free program designed for school-age kids.

Monthly “Library Reads” start January 9. Join these wonderful Reading With Rover D.R.E.A.M.* teams at the following locations:

Langley Library – 2nd Wednesdays, starting January 9, 5-6:00pm

Freeland Library – 4th Wednesdays, starting January 23, 5-6:00pm

Reading with Rover™ is a therapy dog program serving the community of the Puget Sound. Reading with Rover is a registered 501(C)3 non profit organization.
*Dogs for Reading, Education, Assistance, and More!